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The life style helthHow Summer Vacations Make Kids Fat

How Summer Vacations Make Kids FatA summer vocation is the happiest period in a student’s life indeed. Two or three months of summer vacations are full of joy and happiness for the kids.

Kids get relaxation and went out for picnic parties. They spend most of their time in eating, playing and merry making. Kid’s summer vacations give them opportunity to enjoy their life at its peak. It refreshes their mind from the hectic routine of the school and studies. Some kids try to improve their creativity skills but many just want to eat, sleep, play and nothing else in the hot summer vocations.
Kids usually become fat in summer vacations due to several reasons. They have disturbed routine throughout the summer vocations which leads them to obesity. They put their pencils, erasers aside and enjoy every moment without the fear of exams and daily home work. Kids rush here and there and spend most of their time in playing games. They are not aware of what are they eating or drinking in the summer vacations.
Parents also play a vital role in making their kids fat during the summer vacations. They allow them of eat junk food and take them to Macdonald’s or KFC for lunch and dinner. Below is mentioned that how summer vocations makes kids fat.

The bestBenefits of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon
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Health Care
Lemon is one of those super foods which are full of healthand cosmetics benefits. Lemon is a delicious, juicy fruit that is easily available at a low price. Lemon is the most popular among citrus fruits. Benefits of lemon have been known for centuries. Lemon is rich in vitamins that are necessary for body. Lemon is thee source of vitamin C, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium and phosphorus.
The most important benefit of lemon is that it makes you fresh especially in summers. Some people like to lemon juice drink – a  cherished household drink that makes make people refresh and healthy. Indeed a cool glass of lemon juice can rejuvenate you after a tiring day.
Little do people know that lemons are quite an effective home remedy for a variety of health concerns. Lemon is a strong antibacterial and antiviral agent. It acts as a liver cleanser and aids in weight loss. The use of lemon promotes immunity, sleep and fight infection. Lemon is helpful in removing fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and tension. Lemon is also helpful in increasing alertness and concentration.
Lemon juice can treat a person who is suffering from fever, cold or flu. It assists in breaking fever by increasing perspiration.
Lemon contains citric acid which is effective in treating acne. The vitamin C in citrus fruit lemon is vital for healthy glowing skinwhile its alkaline nature kills some types of bacteria known to cause acne. Lemon juice with turmeric powder and honey is s good paste to treat oily skin and reduce pimples and acne.

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Style360 Pantene Bridal Couture Week in Karachi Day 3

Pakistan Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 the most glamorous event of the season designer to show her collection Bridal Couture Week in Karachi 2013 3Rd day Bridal Couture Week started in Karachi with big and famous designers Latest Fashion Pakistani Bridal Dresses Lengha season 2013-2014 held in karachi and Deepak Perwani on stage now with his gorgeous showstopper Zeba Bakhtiar and dashing Wasim Akram! We are amazed at how his collections 

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Lehanga 2013

Latest Pakistani Bridal Lehanga Dresses 2013 002When the bride to be prepared, how is it possible that sola singhar not mentioned. in past time thebridal was looking like a paradise hoor. In present time women are also want to look beautiful on their important wedding day. mostly womens are choose bridallehenga for their weddings but nowadays fashion designer are introduced some thing change. The collections of Bridal Lehenga is unique and of different price range. In this collection elegant and trendy Lehenga designs are included. All Lehenga are perfect for winter wear, party wear, bridal wear or wedding wear. The whole bridal collection looks just too splendid and awesomely designed. All the women who have the utmost wish to dress them into stunningly gorgeous lehengas they should definitely check out the white bridal lehenga collection 2013 quickly.

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Latest new car model 2013

Go back a few years and every new car shouted about mpg and economizing. This year, fuel efficiency is still important, but style is back for the new cars sporting 2013 and 2014 model years. Sportiness is taking center stage once more, and a fierce competition is about to happen between $20,000 and $30,000—so if you can't afford the next $100,000 Viper, fear not. Here are 12 cars we're waiting for over the next year or so. (And for a few cars that just debuted or are coming out in the very near future, check out our previous list.)

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Jewellery Collection 2013 For woman

Sarah Atif Jewellery Collection 2013 For Ladies 0014

Homemade Remedies For Skin Care

homemade remedies for skin careSKIN CARE a very important concept, especially in Pakistani Summer Season.  If you do not pay attention to your skin during summer, it is bond to get bad at first and then worst latter on. And If you are hoping that everything will get back as it was, without getting any help from your side. THINK AGAIN. Things might get automatically..


Jewellery Designs 2013 For Women Stylespk Latest Pakistani Fashion ...

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Blue diamond ring

Blue diamond ring can be defined as dream ring. Lucky are those who get Blue diamond ring as gifts because it is very expensive when compared to other diamonds. Blue diamond rings comes in different varieties. There are single stoned blue diamond ring to multi stoned ring

Latest fashion diamond rings

Gul Ahmad Summer Lawn 2013 Collection

Gul Ahmad Summer Lawn 2013 CollectionSummer is incomplete without Gul Ahmed lawn suits. Gul Ahmed offers lawn collection II after the smashing hit of its lawn collection volume I. Gul Ahmed is a preeminent Pakistani textile provider in the market. It has released its second volume of lawn collection recently. The best thing about Gul Ahmed is like its former collections, volume ii also has a diverse range of designs and colors. A noticeable point for the customers is this volume has simple and chiffon lawn dresses both. Now you can enjoy wearing two different kinds of your choice. Gul Ahmed has further diversified its lawn collection 2013 (volume two) by offering its customers a lot of embroidered and printed lawn suits both. This collection is very versatile as it offers a lot of things together. It has not only embroidered and block printed suits but also single prints are included in this volume.

There is also a variety of motifs in them for example floral-inspired motifs, traditional and novel motifs and patterns. Gul Ahmed is a big name in both international and national markets. It is serving since 1953. Gul Ahmed deals with a vast variety of women and men collection both. Gul Ahmed is truly called trend-setters for always unveiling super-stylish collections for its customers. It even offers ready-made and unstitched suits. They also offer shoes and bags for women. There is uniqueness, ability, style and talent involved in all its collections. These things make its lawn suits attractive and elegant. Gul Ahmed is in high demand everywhere in the market. They have online stores for convenience of its customers. Almost all the leading fabric stores stock its collections. It has its own outlets in different cities of Pakistan as well. Gul Ahmed volume II is a hugely applauded as it consists of stunning trendy designs. These designs are luxurious and matchless. The stores are full of buyers as no one can help staying away after having glance at its sublime suits.

Origins Ready to Wear Summer Collection 2013

Origins Ready to Wear Summer Collection 2013

Entertainment » Humnasheen Hum TV Drama Serial

Humnasheen Hum TV Drama SerialHumnasheen, is a Hum Television’s another proud presentation. It’s a new era drama that started from 24thFebruary 2013. It is a beautifully depicted story written by Syeda Shehla Shakoor. Its producer is the versatile Momina Duraid and director is the talented Siraj ul Haq. It is aired every Saturday at 8 pm night. Its star cast consists of many celebrated artists like Adnan Siddique, Faiza Hassan, Arij Fatima, Hamayoun Ashraf, Raheel Butt, Rija Ali, Qaiser Naqvi and others. It is a domestic drama serial about Asmat Ara’s family. The ups and downs they face as a family.
Asmat Ara is the “Lady of the house.” She has a main role in the story, her lifestyle, her decisions in life, and her rivalry, hence everything revolves around her. Asmat is a barren woman. After fifteen years of marriage, she decides to get her husband a new wife. Thus, she persuades her husband i.e. Munir to marry a teenage girl, Shamsa Bano.
She wants her commendation and rule over the house that is why she chose Shamsa, a sixteen years old girl as her rival, on purpose. Shamsa gives birth to twins, and Asmat Ara starts bringing them up. He does not let anyone argue in front of her, not even Munir her husband. Shamsa is suppressed and in oppression. Asmat Ara has all the authorities over her twins. This thing becomes bone of contention between the two.
Adnan Siddique is a nice businessman. He has two wives in the stories.  He marries other women to get a child. But his life becomes graver after the arrival of Shamsha Bano. Now he is awful. He has no authority over his first spouse, Asmat. She does not tolerate anything about the twins.
Hum Nasheen is Munir’s life journey with his two wives. How important it was for him to get a child and then how things go wrong after the arrival of another family member in their family. This brilliant story is taken from ordinary life of a Pakistani family but depiction of it is awe-inspiring. It grabs its audiences with its skillful production and direction. These things have made it a great addition in the Pakistan Drama Industry.

Latest news Wasim Akram Sushmita Sen Marriage News

Wasim Akram Sushmita Sen Marriage NewsLatest rumour from Bollywood that is circulating all around is the marriage of former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram and former Miss Universe and currently a well-known actress of Bollywood Sushmita Sen. Sources have claimed that Sushmita and Wasim are dating frequently for the last two years and now the anticipation of their marriage is in the air. Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram got to know each other on the set of an Indian dance reality show in 2008. The name of the show was Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena in which both the superstars were acting as judeges. Sushmita Sen’s marriage rumours were spread plenty of the times but all of these rumours proved wrong as no official confirmation was being provided.
Last year though, Sushmita Sen said that she is planning on getting married in the New Year. Now that 2013 has arrived and last year Sushmita also declared that she will be marrying soon, so the probability is really high that she’ll be marrying soon. Sushmita’s name was attached with various other people like Vikram Bhatt, Mudasar Azeez and even there were some rumours that she is dating a 23 years old businessman named Imtiaz Khatiri. Sushmita once confirmed that she has been meeting someone as she once said that “I am taking my time to say yes, but once I say I do, it will be for keeps as I firmly believe in the institution of marriage.”
Sushmita is known to have adopted two girls. According to Sushmita Sen, Alisah is quite young at the moment but the other one named Renee is quite comfortable with Sushmita being single but she would like Sushmita to become a bride in near future.
This rumour of Wasim and Sushmita’s dating and getting married is at its peak but the thing that needs to be seriously noted is that Wasim Akram is reportedly seeing an Australian model in Karachi. On the other hand Sushmita Sen’s media spokesperson also said that Sushmita is attending a show in Mumbai on 24th of April. So the question arises, how Sushmita is going to plan her wedding and the show in Mumbai simultaneously? This rather shows that the news of marriage is just rumours and there is no truth in them for the time being until an official announcement and confirmation has been done from Sushmita Sen in person.

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Dubai Bridal Dresses 2013 Latest Trends

dubai-bridal-dresses-2013-latest-trends-3Dubai is a state of gold and Dubai is considered as a very rich country and people love Dubai. Dubai is a country where Arabian people live and the brides of Dubai are considered as a worlds no 1 beautiful brides as per their lovely faces but also the beauty of Arabian bridal dresses make the Arabian bride look a like out of this world.
Recently a bridal show was held in Dubai in which Dubai most creative designers take a part and showcased latest fashion trends and latest Dubai bridal dresses for Arabian brides present in such cute and attractive colours like pink aqua, black white and many more many designers take a part in this Dubai Bridal show 2013 like Khalid  Khalil, Sana Kayum ,etc . All bridal dresses are looking very nice and sweet too and depicted the lights of fashion and style 2013. so stay here with us and have a look on the latest fashion of Dubai Arabian brides 2013

Latest Bridal Jewelry Designs 2013-2014

Latest Bridal Jewelry Designs 2013 2014 FashionDazzling ceremonial adornment is increased a wonderful capability of prosperous and decoration modify jewellery. It is beautifully made of studded brave stones, string, glass drops etc. Collecting is forthcoming with marvellous ensemble of necklace, earrings, earchains, mang tikka etc. Entire assemblage is zealous for ceremonial as advisable as parties, sangeet and festivals.

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New nokia mobile model 2013

latest fashion 2013

Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Latest Collections Preview And Pictures 27

Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Latest Collections Preview And Pictures » Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Latest Collections Preview And Pictures 27

Friday, 12 April 2013

Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Latest Collections Preview And Pictures

Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Latest Collections Preview And Pictures 27City of Lights just lately hosted a whitening fashion week which has fascinated the interest of world media. Pakistan’s greatest fashion week “Karachi Fashion Week 2013″ was organized on Jan 27, 2013 and continuing for 4 days at the Expo Center, Karachi, Pakistan

Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-02

Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-02
The brand that made the concept of ready-made garments a household reality. Bright and dark colors used in collection by the brand in rough-cut jackets,Chinese collar jackets, Kashmiri embroidered kurtas, velvet pajamas and jamawar sherwanis.
Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-3Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-6Eden Robe Collection at Karachi Fashion Week 2013-7
Eden Robe is not new for any introduction, Eden Robe is one of the most famous and leading fashion brand of Pakistan.Eden Robe was established in year 1988 and since then they have designed so many collection for men and kids.

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Karachi Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2013-2014-02

Pakistan’s one of the most anticipated fashion week has illuminated the “City of Lights” of Pakistan. Karachi is hosting the international and national designers. Karachin Fashion Week 2013 is a key event fro both the tourism and fashion industry of Pakistan.
Karachi Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2013-2014-15
The event has already attracted both national and international buyers, media, models, designers and the fashion savvy, providing dynamic array of opportunities to network and engage with the art of fashion and the promotion of tourism to Pakistan.