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Entertainment » Humnasheen Hum TV Drama Serial

Humnasheen Hum TV Drama SerialHumnasheen, is a Hum Television’s another proud presentation. It’s a new era drama that started from 24thFebruary 2013. It is a beautifully depicted story written by Syeda Shehla Shakoor. Its producer is the versatile Momina Duraid and director is the talented Siraj ul Haq. It is aired every Saturday at 8 pm night. Its star cast consists of many celebrated artists like Adnan Siddique, Faiza Hassan, Arij Fatima, Hamayoun Ashraf, Raheel Butt, Rija Ali, Qaiser Naqvi and others. It is a domestic drama serial about Asmat Ara’s family. The ups and downs they face as a family.
Asmat Ara is the “Lady of the house.” She has a main role in the story, her lifestyle, her decisions in life, and her rivalry, hence everything revolves around her. Asmat is a barren woman. After fifteen years of marriage, she decides to get her husband a new wife. Thus, she persuades her husband i.e. Munir to marry a teenage girl, Shamsa Bano.
She wants her commendation and rule over the house that is why she chose Shamsa, a sixteen years old girl as her rival, on purpose. Shamsa gives birth to twins, and Asmat Ara starts bringing them up. He does not let anyone argue in front of her, not even Munir her husband. Shamsa is suppressed and in oppression. Asmat Ara has all the authorities over her twins. This thing becomes bone of contention between the two.
Adnan Siddique is a nice businessman. He has two wives in the stories.  He marries other women to get a child. But his life becomes graver after the arrival of Shamsha Bano. Now he is awful. He has no authority over his first spouse, Asmat. She does not tolerate anything about the twins.
Hum Nasheen is Munir’s life journey with his two wives. How important it was for him to get a child and then how things go wrong after the arrival of another family member in their family. This brilliant story is taken from ordinary life of a Pakistani family but depiction of it is awe-inspiring. It grabs its audiences with its skillful production and direction. These things have made it a great addition in the Pakistan Drama Industry.


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