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Bollywood Actoress Sunny Leone Cast aside All Stars on net Searching

The most Visiting Actor of Bollywood is Sunny LeoneBollywood :All Bollywood Starts including Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif,Kareena KapoorPriyanka Chopra are left away and Sunny Leone has won on net searching. She is the most visiting Celebrity on internet throught out the world. In Month December 2012 the top Celebrity on net was Sunny Leone and she was visited 3.5 Cror times on net, while the second one is Katrina Kaif which shows her marks only 1.6 cror and and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is on third no.
Sunny leone has work in only one bollywood movie Jism2 and her upcoming movie which is Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS sequel.

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Personality needs a unique Hairstyle which can enhance your looks.Sometimes,it looks bad if you adopt a bad hairstyle.Hairstyles Latest Fashion would help you in finding a suitable hairstyle which matches your personality.These photos contain a variety of hairstyles that you can adopt according to your choice.It needs a careful choice when you are trying hard for your hairs.So,always adopt a trendy hairstyl

Hair-styles-Latest-FashionPersonality needs a unique Hairstyle which can enhance your looks.Sometimes,it looks bad if you adopt a bad hairstyle.Hairstyles Latest Fashion would help you in finding a suitable hairstyle which matches your personality.These photos contain a variety of hairstyles that you can adopt according to your choice.It needs a careful choice when you are trying hard for your hairs.So,always adopt a trendy hairstyl

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Latest Car 2013 in Gurgaon

Buy Latest Car 2013 in Gurgaon

Latest Nokia Mobile Phones in Pakistan

Nokia Pakistan – walk everywhere in Pakistan, there is a Nokia fan. Seriously out of ten people, including at least one or two of them, the owner of a Nokia mobile phone. From Ireland praised highly, it is in fact made his name well known around the world. As such, new updates are coming at her.
There is no doubt that the Nokia 5800 in the market with a bang. Finally, it is the first Nokia phone with touch screen function has. Surprisingly, it remains loyal to the 3.2-megapixel camera, which as a disappointment to those who seem to high-resolution camera phone on love. Nevertheless, 5800 XpressMusic will come as a great many skills as possible to entertain music lovers and business-people.
Check out the new Nokia 8800 Arte gold. It is a luxury phone with a golden touch. I am sure that you are reminded of the 8800-series. This is an upgrade from the previous edition. The design is so elegant and luxurious, it represents wealth and first class. The best for 8800 Gold Arte is the fact that you have to do is type the cabinet twice to reveal a clock and place the phone upside down, all incoming calls silently.

New latest newsاداکا رہ میراکا عمران خان خان کے مدمقابل الیکشن لڑنے کا اعلان

لاہور…اپنی دلچسپ حرکات اور منفرد فیصلوں کے باعث خبروں میں نمایاں رہنے والی اداکارہ میرا نے چیئرمین تحریک انصاف عمران خان کے مقابل الیکشن لڑنے کا اعلان کیا ہے۔کبھی نت نئی منگنیوں کے اسکینڈل تو کبھی دوستوں سے بھاری رقوم لیکر واپس نہ کرنے جیسے الزامات کا سامنا کرنے والی لولی وڈ کی حسین اداکارہ میرا،ذہین آنکھیں ، لبوں پر ہردم کھیلتی تر وتازہ مسکراہٹ،اپنی خانگی زندگی کے بارے میں متنازع فیصلوں اور دلچسپ حرکات سے توجہ کا مرکز رہنے والی میرا نے آج پھر ایک انوکھا اعلان کر کے سب کو حیران کر دیا ہے، اور یہ اعلان انتخابی اکھاڑے میں اترنے کا ہے اور وہ بھی عمران خان کے مد مقابل،اب میرا کی حسین شخصیت کا کمال ہے یا ابھی تک سامنے نہ آنے والی صلاحیتوں کا اعتراف،جسٹس پارٹی کے چیئرمین نے انہیں فوراً قبول بھی کر لیا ،بطور انتخابی امیدوارعمران خان اور اداکارہ میرا میں انتخابی اکھاڑہ لاہور کا حلقہ این اے 126 بنے گا۔جسٹس پارٹی کا انتخابی نشان کالا کوٹ ہے،چمکتی ذہین آنکھوں اور گورے کھلتے حسیں چہرے والی میرا پر کتنا سجے گا اور چیئرمین جسٹس پارٹی ,دلکش میرا کی خوبیوں، صلاحیتوں سے کتنا فائدہ اٹھا سکیں گے اس کیلئے 11 مئی کا انتظار کرنا پڑے گا، چیئرمین جسٹس پارٹی کاکہنا ہے کہ انہوں نے میرا کیلئے کاغذات نامزدگی حاصل NEW

Latest fashion newsماسکو فیشن ویک، ڈیزائنرز نے دیدہ زیب کلیکشن پیش کیے

ماسکو … روسی دارالحکومت ماسکومیں آئی اسٹائل کی بہار۔ فیشن ویک کے آغاز پر ڈیزائنرز نے دیدہ زیب کلیکشن پیش کئے۔ رنگ برنگے ملبوسات میں ماڈلز کی کیٹ واک نے خوب سماں باندھا۔ فیشن کاجلوہ ایسا کہ جو دیکھے دیکھتا ہی رہ جائے۔ میل ماڈلزنے بھی ریمپ پر کلاسک اسٹائل کے رنگ بکھیرے۔ حاضرین نے فیشن ویک کے آغاز پر پیش کی گئی کلیکشن کو بے انتہا پسند کیا اور ڈیزائنرز کو دل کھول 

New fashionBeautiful Pink Nail Designs Art with flowers for Cute Girls

Simple Black Flower Nail Designs with pink nail polishflower Shaded Pink Colour NailsRed crismiss nail designs for girlsLong nail desings in Pink colourSakaru beautiful Pink Flower nail Art and designsRed crismiss nail designs for girlslong Red Nails with designssimple Light Pink nail designs for New Fashion

New stylish shirts fashion for men 2013

New Stylish shirts| T Shirts |Fashion 2013 for menHere we have a collection of latest Fashion 2013 new stylish shirts and T.shirts  formal and brand new. You can use these shirts to attend any function or party for your good looking face and expression. Latest Desings for your latest men Fashion 2013. 2013 Men’s Shirt with Jacquard Neckline, 2013 New Design Men’s Shirt,2013 Lastest 

Latest newsVeena Malik Would Be set a New Record of Kissing

Veena Malik and Salman Kissing competition

Veena Malik has set a new record in kissing. The super star actress has also announced that she would set a kissing worl record and will lead Salman Khan.

On her birthday Celebrations She would be having a kissing event as part of her birthday. On that occasion she was kissed her hand by 137 contestants setup a new record. Now Veena Malik has planned to set a new world record and overcome salman khan, who had also a similar event and was kissed by 108 contestants as part of Dabangg promotions.

Saba Qamar Pakistani TV Actress not has a will to join Stage Shows

Pakistani actress and model has rejected the offer to work in Stage shows due to immoral activities to have to go, while if he get a good offer to work in movies he will accept it. Saba Qamar said that I can work in Rafi Peer theatre and anwar masood stage dramas, she said that I know that Pakistani film has got in so trouble due to lack of unity of our people. Saba qamar has recently said on interviewing a private newspaper that Turkish dramas will be high rating in upcoming days.
Saba Qamar is so busy in acting as well as modeling. She worked in last three years in three tele films, balay ki bali, pyar mein twins, and love ki khichi.
Saba qamar also hosting in Famous political comic show “Hum sab umeed se hain”, while discussing on lollywood movies she dinn’t cleary defined her interest in working Bollywood movies.
Saba Qamar has worked in numorous  tv Dramas and she si so popular. Her famous Tv Dramas are Tera pyar nahi bhoole, pani jaisa pyar, kash aisa ho, Tinkay, Jinnah k naam etc

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nternational Women's Day (IWD), initially called International Working Females Day, is noticeable on April 8 every year. In different areas the focus of the festivities varies from general party of regard, admiration and really like towards females to a party for women's economic, governmental and public success. Started as a Socialist governmental event, the holiday combined in the lifestyle of many nations, mainly Southern European nations, Russian federation, and the former Communist bloc. In some areas, the day lost its governmental taste, and became simply an occasion for men to show their really like for females in a way somewhat simila

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Spring fashion 2013: What's out, what's in, and where to find it for cheap Read more:

Wikimedia: Uniform StudioFlipping through fashion magazines trying to find inspiration for new spring clothes as a 20-something can often be depressing. If you're like me, you may fall in love with one particular dress dubbed "hot" for this season, only to find out that dress is $300 and deeply out of your price range. Luckily, I became a professional at the art of "same style, different price tag" - picking out styles that I loved and finding them at a price that didn't overburden my bank account.
With spring just days away, Boston Globe style reporter Chris Muther shared his thoughts on the upcoming season's hottest styles and even explained where my fellow frugal ladies can find them.
Perhaps the easiest trends to mimic are simply colors and patterns. Chris expects yellow to be the signature color of spring 2013, with aqua being a strong contender.
 "You're lightening people's moods with these colors," Chris explains. "There's a lot of white coming in the spring, too."
As for patterns, Chris says stripes, mainly black and white, are going to be huge this spring. While it may not necessarily be groundbreaking for spring, floral prints are also expected to be huge in 2013. Floral prints are even sprouting up on pants this year.
When it comes to accessories, less is more in 2013.

Read more:

Spring fashion trend 2013

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Bridal Jewelry Latest Gold Sets Designs 2013

New life style fashion

BFrend Bracelets by MonikaWhen money is tight, but fabulous fashion is a necessity, try out your crafting skills to make something new and fantastic. These bracelets are sure to impress and look quite expensive, but all they require is some gold chain and friendship bracelet yarn, both of which you can find at a craft store like Michael’s Art Supply. Make one signature piece or stack a bunch for a layered look!

Latest news

LOOK on iPad and iPhoneGreat news girls! You can now get your favourite fashion and celebrity weekly on your iPad and iPhone. No more boring train journeys or rainy days stuck inside because you can downloadLOOK magazine from the App store right now!
This week's issue is full of fashion and celebrity news as we take a look at how Katie Holmes got her life, and her body, back after her divorce from Tom Cruise. Plus, find out what it's really like to date Prince Harry and go trendspotting in NYC with the supermarket designer Lady Gaga loves. As if that wasn't enough we've also got all you need to know about this week's high street hottest and the latest celebrity 'it' hairstyle.
So don't brave the cold for all these goodies, just download LOOK now from the App store and sit back and enjoy! LO

new art fashionYOUR Nails Are Amazing!!!

Nail art uploaded by a LOOK reader

Latest fashion diamond angagement ring 2013

Latest model mobilephone

Apple iPhone 5 64GB price in PakistanApple iPhone 5 64GB has iOS 6 OS. has Dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU. Apple iPhone 5 64GB Memory internal is 64 GB storage, 1 GB RAM. Apple iPhone 5 64GB camera has Simultaneous HD video and image recording, touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection, panorama, HDR features. secondary camera is included, type 1.2 MP, 720p@30fps. primary camera is 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, check quality. video camera is included, type 1080p@30fps, LED video light, video stabilization, geo-tagging, check quality. 

Apple iPhone 5 64GB Display size is 640 x 1136 pixels, 4.0 inches (~326 ppi pixel density). Display type is LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors. Apple iPhone 5 64GB Body dimensions is 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in). Body weight is 112 g (3.95 oz). Apple iPhone 5 64GB USB is included, type v2.0. Bluetooth is included, type v4.0 with A2DP. WLAN is Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band, Wi-Fi hotspot. EDGE is included. 

GPRS is included. Apple iPhone 5 64GB Colors are Black/Slate, White/Silver. GPS is included, type with A-GPS support and GLONASS. Browser is HTML (Safari). Messaging is iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email. Apple iPhone 5 64GB Sound alert types is Vibration, proprietary ringtones. Sound loudspeaker is included. Sound 3.5mm jack is included. 

Apple iPhone 5 64GB Speed is DC-HSDPA, 42 Mbps; HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps, LTE, 100 Mbps; Rev. A, up to 3.1 Mbps. Apple iPhone 5 64GB Sensors is Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass. Apple iPhone 5 64GB price in Pakistan is 92,000.

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New Mehndi Designs For Girls /Simple Mehndi Designs Latest

Simple Mehndi Designs For college girls
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Latest newsAfridi ready to retire if replacement is available

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KARACHI: Shahid Afridi is ready to relinquish his place in the national team as soon as a talented youngster capable of dethroning him emerges.
In an exclusive conversation with Dawn News, Afridi stated that there was a dearth of talented all-rounders and the moment there was someone ready and able to take the responsibility, he would call time on his international career.
“I would quit as soon as a replacement for me surfaces, at present it seems there is no one who has the talent to play as an all-rounder and make a sustained impact at the international level, I have said time and again I would not block anyone good enough for Pakistan,” the all-rounder said.
Afridi rued the missed historic opportunity of beating the Proteas in a one-day international series.
“The seniors just did not perform well enough, we had a golden opportunity of beating South Africa and I feel that we let the team down at crucial times, hence the result was not in our favour,” he said after returning from South Africa.
He added that there was a good chance of posting big total in almost every match in South Africa because of the flat wickets which the batsmen should have taken advantage of.
The leg-spinning all-rounder, who had a barren run in the series especially with the ball, feels that the new ODI rules have hampered spinners and he is not the only one having problems.
“The new rules have made spinners negative, we are now looking at ways of stopping the batsmen from scoring runs with only four fielders outside the circle, and even someone like Saeed Ajmal is suffering since we are attacking bowlers by nature.”
However, Afridi feels that his bowling improved in the last match with his renowned drift returning, but he lamented his performance in the earlier part of the series

LatestnewsPakistan cricket in ‘alarming’ state: Misbah

LAHORE: Skipper Misbah-ul Haq on Tuesday admitted Pakistan cricket was in an “alarming” condition after the team suffered several heavy defeats on a disappointing tour of South Africa.
A miserable Pakistan were thrashed 3-0 in Tests and lost 3-2 in the one-day series, despite fighting hard, losses which Misbah attributed to poor batting.
“Those were disappointing series,” Misbah told reporters on the team’s arrival back home early Tuesday.
“We were better in the one-dayers but couldn’t do much in the Tests and it’s an alarming situation where we need improvement in a lot of things.”
Pakistan’s batting flopped against a high quality South African pace attack led by Dale Steyn and Vernon Philander. They lost the first Test by 211 runs, the second by four wickets and the third by an innings and 18 runs.
In between the Tests and one-days, Pakistan managed to win a two-match Twenty20 series 1-0 after the first match was abandoned due to rain.
Misbah, who was the team’s leading batsman with 227 in the one-day series, admitted it was the batting that let the side down.
“I think our batting struggled throughout the tour, whether it were the Tests or one-days but the pitches were such that even a top quality batsman like Hashim Amla (of South Africa) also struggled (in a few matches),” said Misbah

Latest newsYoung girl's 'cure' signals new path against cancer

WASHINGTON: Emily Whitehead is kind of a big deal. At age seven, she is the only child to have beaten back leukemia with the help of a new treatment that turned her own immune cells into targeted cancer killers.

She has been in remission for 11 months and is the first pediatric patient in a growing US trial that is showing signs of success after decades of research and now includes three other children and dozens of adults.

Her mother said Emily sometimes grapples with her newfound celebrity, which ballooned after the trial's preliminary results were first announced late last year.

"When we go to places where there are a lot of people, sometimes they want pictures with her, or sometimes just to touch her, so I think it gets a little overwhelming," Kari Whitehead told AFP.

For the most part though, Emily is happy to play with her dog, read, write and explore the outdoors, thanks to an experimental treatment that saved her life after two relapses left doctors admitting they had no other options.

Now, the US researchers behind the method are expanding their quest for a next-generation cancer treatment that may require one dose in a lifetime, and may one day end the use of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants.

While the word "cure" is something most experts would not whisper until a patient has lived at least five years illness-free, the field of research into targeted immune therapies is generating buzz.

LatestnewsRani Mukerji turns 35

MUMBAI: Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is celebrating her 35th birthday on Thursday.

Rani began her career in 1997 with the film ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’ and went on to star in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and other hits.

She won a best supporting actress at the Filmfare Awards for her role in the 2012 film ‘Talaash’.

Latest newsMeera plans to run for election

LAHORE: As the election fever grips the country with politicians holding rallies and striking deals to grab large share of seats, Lollywood actress Meera also plans to become Punjab Assembly member on one of the reserved seats for women.

Speaking to Geo News Meera’s mother Shafqat Zehra said her daughter would take part in the upcoming elections on one of the reserved seats for women in the provincial assembly.

“Yesterday Meera telephoned me from India and asked 'mom please get nomination paper as I want to be elected'."

When asked what plans Meera has after being elected as an MPA, Zehra said the actress wanted to serve women in the country and she would work for their education.

Latest newsSethi plans a small non-political cabinet

LAHORE: The caretaker government is a non-political set-up with no political agenda and no authority of policy-making, said the caretaker chief minister of Punjab, Najam Sethi, after being sworn in here on Wednesday.
The well-known journalist and TV anchor was administered the oath of his office by Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood at the Governor House.
Talking to reporters, Mr Sethi said his cabinet would be small and without any political figure. He said he disapproved of protocol or the act of stopping vehicular traffic for dignitaries and that he would like to travel with minimum security.
Mr Sethi said: “As a caretaker chief minister, I have no friend or relative and nobody should misuse my name for taking any benefit. Otherwise action will be taken against him.”
He said the conduct of free and fair elections was the top priority of the caretaker government and added that he would seek guidance from the judiciary and the Election Commission.
Mr Sethi urged the provincial bureaucracy to ensure that elections were held in a transparent manner. “Corruption and nepotism will not be tolerated,” he vowed, warning that stern action would be taken against any official against whom a complaint was received.
He said there was a perception that government officials tried to conceal facts. “I request the media to cooperate with me in this regard. I have been associated with the media and analysing (political) situation (in the country). Now I am in government and will see from where threats are received and what is written on the files and practical steps will be taken accordingly.”
People involved in inciting masses against minorities would not be spared, Mr Sethi made it clear.
He promised measures to improve law and order situation and said he would hold a meeting with the chief justice of Lahore High Court to seek guidance.

Latest newsThe PM has left but not his brother

ISLAMABAD: The government and the prime minister have gone home but Raja Pervez Ashraf’s brother continues hanging on to the executive’s coat tails.
This was evident on Monday when he brought the news to the protesting non-teaching staff that the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD) had issued a notification for their time-scale promotion.
In fact, he handed over the notification to the employees.
It is an open secret in the capital that Raja Imran Ashraf, brother of former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, is hoping to contest the coming elections on the PPP ticket.
No wonder then the opposition is very critical of the manner in which Imran Ashraf, who held no position in the government, is acting as if he is an official.
The local leaders of the PML-N termed his move on Monday an attempt to gain an edge in the upcoming elections.
“PML-N leader Tariq Fazal Choudhry visited the sit-ins three times and spent hours in the ministry of finance for the issuance of the notification but now it was handed over to the employees by the brother of the former PM,” said Ali Khan, the personal secretary to Mr Chaudhry.
“I cannot understand in which capacity Mr Ashraf had distributed the notification. Though the PPP government has gone, it seems the bureaucracy is still following the instructions of the PPP leaders,” he said.
He added: “Everyone knows that the credit to get the notification issued goes to the PML-N leader.”
On the other hand, the non-teaching staff in 465 educational institutions seemed happy as they finally got the notification, which will benefit over 5,000 employees from Basic Pay Scale 1 to 15.L

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Gold Jewellery Sets Designs 2013 for Bridal

gold jewellery designs 2013 for bridal pakistan Gold Jewellery Sets Designs 2013 for Bridal
As we know that gold jewellery is weakness for every woman. Moreover, every girl would love to wear beautiful gold jewellery on her marriage. Dubai is considered to be the most fashionable and famous city of Globe. Dubai is also known as city of Gold. Every year, Dubai arranged jewellery show for gold lovers

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