Friday, 8 March 2013

WHO List of Necessary Medicines & Drugs For Children

World Health Organisation in short popularly known as WHO has been publishing the Essential Drug List for both Children and Adult. It has been updated every 2 yearly. The first list of essential drug list was published in 1977 only for adult. As science has developed much more than the previous, children department has separated. First edition for CHILDREN was published in October 2007. And in two yearly fashion it has been updated for the third time in 2011. In 2013 we wish soon the list will publish. It will be approximately published in March 2013. Every time there may be some drug added or some drug excluded. For example, Antiparkinsonism drugs were included in the previous edition but deleted from this third edition. This list will surely help the Pediatrician to choose the better and safe drug. And for the general people to know more about the prescribed drug and to fulfill their curiosity.
WHO List of  Essential Medicines & Drugs For Children
WHO List of Essential Medicines & Drugs For Children


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