Thursday, 14 February 2013

App SOS Condoms Promises Delivery in One Hour or Less!

should roll out nSOS Condoms DubaiDurex, the manufacturer of condoms, has a solution for those needing a condom, now! It's their new app called SOS Condoms. Does the SOS stand for Save Our Semen? Durex hasn't answered that question, yet.
However, Durex, the British condom maker, has a new app for Apple devices that lets users order condoms that will be discretely hand-delivered as soon as possible. The app's start screen reads in part:
“Get condoms whether it's day or night in less than one hour or less.”
For those now downloading the app before finishing this article, please note that for now, the service is available only in Dubai. However, Durex is currently conducting a poll to determine where the service should roll out next.
In the United States, L.A., Boston, and New York City are leading the votes. However, it appears that Paris, the City of Love, leads the world in the most votes, according to the SOS Condoms website.
Currently, the app requires a user to buy at least a 12-pack of condoms to take advantage of free delivery. Oddly, the couriers will deliver the condoms dressed as either a pizza man, a police officer or a tourist. At least that's better than a sailor, an Indian, a police officer and a biker.


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