Monday, 25 February 2013

Use Kool-Aid to Dye Your Fabrics?

I remember growing up my deep love for that sugary syrup, I would wait with baited breath for my mother to finish making it and I would slurp up the neon colored liquid until it had more than formed a mustache on my upper lip. Oh yummy Kool-Aid, who knew that the dyeing job it did on my upper lip could be put to good use today as a dyeing agent for all your favorite fabrics. That's good for a few reasons.
First, you really shouldn't drink it, though I did love it as a child, my mother should have known that the reason that I ran at a full sprint around the yard and would never come in for dinner wasn't because I just couldn't get enough tag, it was because I had just ingested a cup of sugar. Not good for keeping your kids in line and really too much sugar for them to have in the first place. Second, you already have it likely somewhere deep in the pantries of old and you won't have to go out and buy it. And third, it's much less harsh than those powder dyes that you used to tie dye your shirts in the backyard with during the teen years. Enough of me rambling back to the good ole' days let's get dyeing.
This method works best with silk and wool but not well with cotton. Oh and you can dye your hair this way as well.


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