Saturday, 16 February 2013

Technology in World of Fashion

Technology in World of Fashion

Technology has touched all the sectors and areas. Fashion industry could not have been left behind either. Creativity and technology makes exquisite fashion possible for men and women. The clothes in modern times serve various purposes in addition to covering a bare body. For example, there are clothes that are stain resistant, water repellent, of innumerable patterns and designs, etc. Clothes have become functional and attractive. Various technological innovations make this change possible.

3 Dimensional (3D) technology is the most talked about of all technologies in the textile software industry. Nanotechnology is an advanced technology used in textile machineries to give required properties to the manufactured fabrics. Retail industry understands customer requirements and incorporates the best technologies in retail stores. There are software applications for billing, for entry and exit, and even for arrangement of products. High-tech textile machineries can be easily spotted in manufacturing units. Marketing in the textile industry is also touched by the magical hands of technology. Nowadays, fashion retailers make use of social media and software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM


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