Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stepford Students

Across the country school administrators are addressing the safety concerns of parents. Districts are doing a great job installing security cameras and locks, and strategically assigning teachers at doorways to prevent evil doers from entering a building. These measures go a long way to ease concern, but could there be a different kind of danger growing inside the building?
Schools have always been on the lookout for students who were disassociated, alienated, or mentally ill. Until now, it’s felt like proactive measuresto identify students needing help, but Sandy Hook changed everything. Now, it’s beginning to feel as if schools may be shifting their intention to scrutinizing students in an attempt to identify and remove potential future evil doers. Understandably, we all want to make sure that no oneharms children like this again—ever. And yet without considering the human spirit and the unique qualities we encourage our children to explore, we may be missing something vital while we create a whole new danger to fear.


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