Monday, 18 February 2013

Nails information

Good nutrition will keep your nails flexible and strong and your cuticles well-conditioned. “Nutrition has a huge impact on circulation – and it is blood that carries the nutrients you eat to the matrix of nails,”Just like a flashy necklace or the right pair of earrings, if your nails look great, they can complement almost any look. But unsightly nails, on the other hand, can send the wrong impression. An error in shaping can cause your nails to chip, giving them a less than stellar appearance. Nails make it easier to pick up small things, clean a frying pan, and scratch an itch. They also provide an external sign of your health, with weak, brittle nails often signaling some nutritional deficiency. Ignore your nails and you could wind up with painful ingrown nails or annoying fungal infections.Nails grow about 0.1 millimeter a day, which means that it takes a fingernail about four to six months to fully regenerate. Healthy nails are smooth, without ridges or grooves. They’re uniform in color and consistency and free of spots or discoloration. nails are composed of laminated layers of a protein called keratin, which is also found in your hair and skinNails are transparent shelves or plates of horn-like tissue formed by the natural hardening of epidermis cells. Like hair, they are made of keratin, a fibrous material which is also a form of animal protein.Many blood vessels and sensitive nerves lie directly beneath your nails. This is why you feel pain when you injure a nail or tear it below the flesh (stress) line.Healthy skin around and underneath your nails promotes nail growth. With just alittlecare and maintenance, you too can have beautiful hands and longer, stronger nails.
Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails:
Follow these6 tips for not only well-groomed, but healthy nails on all 20 fingers and toes.
Add a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg to your daily diet. Rich in zinc, they’ll do wonders for your nails, especially if your nails are spotted with white, a sign of low zinc intake.
Taking vitamins regularly, particularly pre-natal vitamins, even if you are not pregnant, can really make a difference in the growth and strength of your nails. Be sure to check with your health care professional before taking vitamins and supplements to ensure you are taking the right ones for you. Also, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can make a lot of difference to your nails.
Artificial enhancements are a personal choice every girl has to make for herself. Team Inspirationail has given in to temptation on more than one occasion. However, acrylics, gels and other fake extensions damage the nail plate when they are removed. Wearing them also deprives your nails of natural light & air while they unnecessarily expose you to chemicals and a higher possibility of fungal infection.
You should go for a regular nail care at your home. You must trim down and shape your nails properly with the help of nail files and nail clippers. But remember one thing wash your nails properly before start the process. For regular nail care treatments you must need the following tools:Nail remover, Nail clippers, Nail file, Cuticle remover,Cuticle cream, Nail color, Cuticle care.
Avoid long manicure soaks in soapy or detergent-filled water. Try Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil by Sally Hansen in the water and soak three minutes max.
It’s a habit so many of us share, but biting nails not only leads to unsightly hands, it can actually allow bacteria to enter your nail bed.  An infection under the nail is both painful and difficult to treat.  I  You’ll save your nails and have fresher breath!   If you still have trouble keeping your fingers out of your mouth, look for one of the bitter tasting coating they sell in drugstores, usually in the baby aisle or nail care area


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