Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How To Get Ready In Five Minutes

Blake Lively blond braided hair celebrity

Five minutes until your date shows up and you’re still sporting a bathrobe. Ten minutes to get ready for a class that’s an eight-minute walk away. Time is just one of those weird things— there's an infinite supply, but never enough when you need it. Worry not! Y

Want to look awake like Blake? You slept in after getting just two hours of sleep, and you’ve got a Mount-Vesuvius-sized zit and a lecture in 15 minutes. That hot rugby player you’ve been eyeing will inevitably be sitting next to you.
Now what? Unless you’re like Cher from “Clueless” and have a computerized closet to coordinate your clothing, save some time by putting on an easy outfit you know looks good. (A dress > jeans and a top, since it’s just one decision instead of two.) Bloomingdale’s make-up artist Anna Briggs suggests splashing your face with cold water to liven the skin and using a caffeinated eye cream (yes, cream that contains caffeine) to wake up your face and take down any puff. As for the zit, no matter how big, go easy on the concealer because its main purpose is to mask the color, not texture. The more cover-up you heap on, the more you’re going to draw attention to the mountain. Skip the eyeliner, but brighten up tired eyes by putting a little white eye shadow in each corner and curling your eyelashes. And remember: you’re never in too much of a rush todeodorize, wash and brush. Never.


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