Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ghana Fashion & Design Week to make comeback in Oct

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) is pleased to announce the return of the event in the city of Accra, this October 2013, with the exact date and venue soon to be made public. With Accra ranked 4th must visit city this 2013 by New York Times publication out of a list of 46 cities around the world, the second edition of Ghana Fashion & Design Week event promises to elevate the fashion scene in Accra to the next level of experience and development.
With the aim to promote Ghana’s fashion and tourism industry to the world, tourists visiting Ghana during the event period in October this year will have the opportunity to visit the free trade Exhibition PopUp Salon and access tickets to the catwalk shows to see the other side of Ghana -Accra come to life with an event that has a global presence during their visit to Ghana.
GFDW remarkable success following its launch in 2012 placed Ghana on the international map as an-up-and coming global contender of the fashion and creative business industry. The event platform forms a natural extension to the development activities of the industry’s businesses, and educational Institutions in Ghana that focuses on fashion and product design, arts in communication and related programmes, boosting their presence within the country.


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