Sunday, 24 February 2013

10 Ways to Get Sexual Satisfaction

Even if your sex life is fantastic, there's always room for increased satisfaction.
Close your eyes. How long until your mind wanders to sex? Having regular sex, or regularly masturbating, is good for us. Most of us think about it quite a bit, and who can blame us? It feels good, it increases our sense of well-being and it's good for our health. Sex can help boost our immune system, our fertility, even our lifespan. It also decreases depression and enhances happiness [source: Doheny]. But how satisfied are we with the sex we're having, and how can we increase our satisfaction?
First, let's look at the state of sex in America. The average American has sex only about 85 times in a year, which works out to a sexual romp about every four to four-and-a-half days or so [source: UPI]. During those encounters, as many as 75 percent of men report they always have an orgasm as part of their sexual experiences. On the other hand, only 29 percent of women can say the same, and about 50 percent of women admit to faking it [source: LangerLaw]. So far, our sex lives as average Americans don't seem to be all that satisfying.
But when asked, 70 percent of men and women say they're satisfied with their sex lives. More so in new couples (about 79 percent) and less in long-term relationships (only about half of long-term couples are sexually satisfied). And despite the relative infrequency of sex, as many as 83 percent of men report they enjoy sex quite a bit (we needed a study for that?), and about 59 percent of women report the same -- and both sexes want to have more sex [source: Langer]. Who wouldn't? So let's look at how we can have more sex -- and more satisfying sex. First, let's talk about the one person who always knows what you like: you


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